Bade to the Grind

John Henry's Farm

This record begins with resonanance of Old Time Traditional Country Blues oddly restyled into a more raucous harmonious set of rockin tunes seemingly easing in a string section with a Gospel like chorus and taking you out with a solo melancholy number

John Henry's Farm grows songs of Old Time Country Blues and Original music from Palo Alto California's very own John Henry Bradshaw. This album features Whit Heaton on Pedal Steel, Rika Ellis on Piano, Hammond and Rhodes, Ryan Triolo on Upright and Electric Bass, Matt Fate on Drums, and John Henry on Acoustic/Electric Guitar. The foot stompin Trouble Aint Goin features Angie Heile back up vocals, Rachel Sklar Acoustic Guitar and back up Vocals, Joey Chang Aka "Cello Joe" on Cello, Danny Lynch on fiddle, Devon Filo on Violin and Back up Vocals with; Carla Wray, Luther Cuffy, and Matt Fate.

Joined by long time friends and local musicians. This is a collection of old and new songs most of which were recorded live in two days on two inch tape by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studio in East Palo Alto, CA. From the haunting sounds of Jacks saw with Devon and Rachel singing on "Six White Horses" to the wah wah distortion and Hammond organ on "Leavin Tricks". This album takes you from Kentucky to Memphis without ever leaving John Henry's home of California's Swampy South Bay. make sure to dig them on facebook as well

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