by John Henry's Farm

Released 2011
Released 2011
A mix of old timey, appalachian, folk, early country and blues inspirations fueled by emotions gathered throughout John's life, with pedal steel and a drum kit putting a new spin on an old sound.
John Henry Bradshaw was born and raised in Palo Alto California. The middle of seven boys and the first to be born at home, John took to the instruments collected by his Father. His Mother offered to pay for lessons but he walked out of the first one at age 12 because the teacher said he shouldn't finger pick with his pinky. He gladly returned the check to his Mom and continued to teach himself Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Mandolin, Harmonica, Bass and Singing. John lives on an old Pheasant farm that his family has owned since they moved to Palo Alto in 1970 when average income people could afford it. He recently completed his first album "Ghostrain" with his 6 piece band. He will be releasing a live album soon.