Bade to the Grind

by John Henry's Farm

Released 2016
Released 2016
This record begins with resonanance of Old Time Traditional Country Blues oddly restyled into a more raucous harmonious set of rockin tunes seemingly easing in a string section with a Gospel like chorus and taking you out with a solo melancholy number
John Henry's Farm grows songs of Old Time Country Blues and Original music from Palo Alto California's very own
John Henry Bradshaw.
This album features Whit Heaton on Pedal Steel, Rika Ellis on Piano, Hammond and Rhodes, Ryan Triolo on Upright and Electric Bass, Matt Fate on Drums, and John Henry on Acoustic/Electric Guitar. The foot stompin Trouble Aint Goin features Angie Heile back up vocals, Rachel Sklar Acoustic Guitar and back up Vocals, …
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by John Henry's Farm

Released 2011
Released 2011
A mix of old timey, appalachian, folk, early country and blues inspirations fueled by emotions gathered throughout John's life, with pedal steel and a drum kit putting a new spin on an old sound.
John Henry Bradshaw was born and raised in Palo Alto California. The middle of seven boys and the first to be born at home, John took to the instruments collected by his Father. His Mother offered to pay for lessons but he walked out of the first one at age 12 because the teacher said he shouldn't finger pick with his pinky. He gladly returned the check to his Mom and continued to teach himself Guitar, …
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John Henrys Farm
Jonathan Henry Bradshaw


Written about the fact we can't really help anyone who truly does not want to be helped


     Empty Spaces

She Just Like Drinking too Much in the Morning,  puts that drag on my mid day
Tells me all that I do is worthless, least im doing it my own way

I can't answer to no one else except the good lord up above
 I can't lead you to the fountain I can't make you fit this glove

Your just like waking up from nightmare,  send those chills all through my bones
Got me shakin all through the mornin, till I've drank enough to moan

I can't answer to no one else cept the good lord up above
 I can't lead you to the fountain, Honey I cant make you fit this Glove

 Say Im doin no one a favor, the way im drownin all my fears,
 ya Say I cant go on Livin, Same old way for too many Years

 So when I wake tomorrow mornin, Before the dawn I'll be on my Way I'm
 Leavin you those empty Spaces, Help you long and find your Way

 Cause I cant answer Else cept the good Lord up above 
Im Goin now to drink from this Fountain,  Leavin with you what we called  Love